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FAQ Section

Having quires. Clear all your doubts about our best ecommerce software.

Yes, you can use your own domain name.

Not necessarily. Since Purchase Commerce itself acts like a website, you don’t need a separate one to sell your products online. However, if you have an existing website and want to integrate Purchase Commerce with that, you can create a sub-domain to make it as your online store.

No, Purchase Commerce is not a subscription based SaaS model. It’s a one-time purchase platform with lifetime license. So, for hosting, you can install it in your own servers or cloud-based hosting services like AWS, Digital Ocean, etc.

Yes, you can switch from another platform to us. Our experts will help you make a smooth migration for your growing business.

We offer PWA and hybrid mobile apps in all of our plans.

If you need a native mobile app, you can choose our Enterprise Plan as it includes the pricing for Android and iOS apps. 

Yes, we have a marketplace integration add-on in our Enterprise Plan that allows you to sync the listings and orders from other online marketplaces. 

Yes, we can add any customized features as per your need. It will be done at an additional charge.

As there is no limit, you can add any number of extra staff users.

Yes, it is possible to do it by yourself through the white labelling settings in the Admin Panel.

Yes, we have a module called “White Label Settings” in the Admin Portal which enables you to add your logo, tax and much more settings. With this, even the Email Templates can also be customised with your brand name and logo.

Yes, the theme colour can be customized by you using the settings in the Admin Panel. For layouts, you can choose other themes by paying a little extra amount.

Yes, your customers can upload their pictures and make some adjustments like crop, resize and image position.

Similarly, if you own a multi-vendor site, your vendors can also upload their profile picture.

Yes, you can add unlimited products in all our plans as there are no restrictions.

Yes, with our multi-vendor and enterprise plan, you can have unlimited vendors with unlimited products.

Yes, customers can use their wallet balance for future purchases. Cart page has an option to use the wallet amount. If the wallet amount is not sufficient, they can also pay the remaining amount from other payment options like Stripe.

You can get your store's visitor statistics from the Admin panel through our interactive dashboard with detailed reports. For more details, we can help you integrate your store with Google Analytics.

There are a couple of ways to link your domain name with Purchase Commerce Store.

1) If the domain name is already registered by you, you have check your domain’s registrar and update your domain’s DNS, for example,

2) If the domain name is registered by us, you don’t need to make any DNS updates. We will manage it for you.

Yes, PWA works well with the omnichannel capability. For example, you may get registered via mobile and accept the email verification link via desktop. You should now be able to log in to your mobile app and then add items to cart. After login, you should be able to view the items from your iPad and place the order.

Purchase Commerce can integrate various payment solutions including Paypal, Stripe, Square and Visa. We have also built-in integrations for SendGrid, Google, Facebook, and more.

You can integrate ‘n’ number of payment methods. But by default, we provide you Stripe or anyone other than this and also COD payment method. If you want to add more payment methods, additional charges will be incurred.

By default, cards and payment types accepted by Stripe like Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, Discover, Diner’s Club, RuPay and American Express.  Moreover, cash on delivery can also be accepted.

Yes, you can generate shipping label and invoice with the Admin dashboard. 

Depending on the preferences set by you or your customer, an email or text message will be sent every time while delivering an order.

We have architected our platform to handle millions of transactional records. As such, we have configured the replication server for dashboards and reports so that on-demand loads can be handled by scaling up servers. With this, all transactional data goes to the primary DB server. Further to increase the fastness, MongoDB is used for logging purpose and queuing service is used to offload long-running processes.

Therefore, by default, our platform is very much flexible and scalable. If you need any further help, we would be happy to assist you in such an interesting scenario.

Yes, our platform supports SSL since it is must to make a secure payment transactions in your online store.

Nope! There are no hidden costs or strings attached. Once you buy our platform, it's completely your own asset.

Yes, both the parties may sign an agreement based on the proposal.

Free support:

The 30-day free support will be activated once you purchase the domain license of our product. During this free support period, you can ask an unlimited number of questions. Our experts will answer your queries and assist you in setting up the platform during this period.

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