How to sell Clothes Online – A Practical Guide in 2020
05 Sep

How to sell Clothes Online – A Practical Guide in 2020

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If you are here, then you are planning to sell clothes online. It’s a good decision. 

Ecommerce is a great platform to start your dream business as the platform offers you traffic more than you expect and helps you to achieve your business goal.  In 2020, global ecommerce is expecting to reach $ 4.13T in retail which shows the popularity in ecommerce. So, you are having a great opportunity to start your clothing business. 

Why to sell online? 

Whether you are running a physical cloth store or new to clothing business, ecommerce helps you. Even if you are selling offline, you can also focus on online selling because it gives you benefits like: 

  • More Customers: Without ending up with local customers, your brand will be seen by more people and you can get more customers. 

  • More Sales: Since your online store is open anytime, you can get all time sales. 

  • More Flexibility: You may have some limitations in physical store like less time sales, unable to offer discounts which are reduced and you are flexible to sell more on your online store. 

How to Sell Clothes Online? 5 Step Guide 

The following steps guide you to start the online store. 

1.Find Your Niche 

Even if you read other ecommerce guides from our blog, you will find ‘niche’ as the first point. Niche is so important for any category of the online business. 

Clothing niche is like a sea where you can’t make sales if you are beginner. To make a successful niche, you have to go deep into the clothing niche. Instead of selling all clothes, you may focus on sub-niches. 

The sub-niches for the large clothing category are: 

*You may sell only Men’s Clothes 

*You may sell only Women’s Clothes 

*Or focus only on Kids Section 

*Or you may focus only on Traditional or Modern Clothes, etc. 

Likewise, you can separate the great clothing segment into sub parts and concentrate on one sub niche. This will make your sales faster.  

If you are not a beginner or if you get some experience in selling clothes, then you can implement the whole niche on your online store.  

Before choosing the niche, ask these questions with yourself. This will help you find the perfect niche. 

>Am I interested in this niche? 

>Is this niche popular among customers? 

>Can I make sales from this niche? 

>Does this niche receive traffic? 

If you find positive answers to these questions, then you find your niche. Always remember, perfect niche is the combination of your interest and popularity among people. 

2. Plan Your Business Process: 

Clothing business includes many processes that you have to plan before to reduce your stress. Let’s see different business approach and you have to decide which suits your business. 

1.Print on Demand: 

Are you going to sell pre-made clothes or going to sell clothes based on your customers’ designs and demands? The first idea will make you less work as you are going to decide the designs and the second idea wants your time more as the customers are going to tell their requirements and you have to design the clothes based on their requirements. 

Decide in which you are perfect?  

2. Label Printing Process: 

Labels or stickers in the clothes are trending among customers. Are you fixing the label design yourself or offering choices to your customers to choose their label design? Think before to figure out your business process in a right way. 

3. Drop shipping: 

Drop shipping is the important process to care as the customers want their products on right time. You have to plan your drop shipping work before; so that you can deliver the clothes on right time as promised to your customers. 

These are the essential steps that you have to focus before building the online store. 

3. Choose the Best Ecommerce Platform: 

While building your online store, you need the best ecommerce platform. 

It is the base where you are going to build your online store building. So, decide twice before choosing the best ecommerce software. 

You have to choose the platform that contains following features: 

> The platform should be designed with the latest technology so that you can implement all the recent features in your online store. For example, Purchase Commerce is made with Angular and Node where you can get all customized options to design user-friendly store. 

> Your ecommerce platform needs to provide mobile app platform to build your online store on mobile app. Mobile apps are the next-gen platforms that you can develop after reaching your customers. 

> Your platform should allow you to offer different payment methods as the people many arrive your online store from different regions with different currencies. So, providing different payments options are the healthy feature to get more customers. 

>Your shopping cart software wants to list unlimited product categories to the customers so that you can organize your store products in a particular category that helps your customers to find out the products easily. 

> You have to choose the platform along with Analytics tool feature. Because, analytics is the process that shows your business results in details. Hence it is important to include in your ecommerce software. 

>’Add to Cart’ option is the main thing that converts many visitors into customers. You have to check this feature in your shopping cart software. 

> Other features are also must like admin and customer dashboards, friendly design and feature, social media options, etc. 

You can know more here: Features of Purchase Commerce 

Select the best ecommerce software and proceed to the next step. 

4. Build Your Online Store: 

Domain name is the brand name for your online business. Choose the domain name that is short, pronounceable, and understandable to your customers. 

Now, for designing the store, you need template. Select the best ecommerce template and start building your online store. 

For reference, you can check out the Ophelia theme by Purchase Commerce which is designed especially for the clothing store niche. You can also choose any other themes that are colorful, attractive. 

After setting up the platform, domain name, and themes, it’s time to display all your products in a particular category. Upload the good (not high) quality pictures of the clothes in the store catalogue. 

Upload all the social media links, any clothing demo videos, offers, category filter options, to your online store to increase the interaction between your online store and customers. 

5. Grow Your Online Clothing Business: 

Once your store is ready, you can launch it and start selling the clothes. Good luck! 

After all the process is finished, you can upload different clothing pictures on social media and treat all the customers equally to get more traffic. 

You have to analyze the customer behavior and online store data continuously with analytics tool and update all the requirements made by your customers. 

To increase more traffic to your online store, you can check this article: 7 Ecommerce Website Tips to Boost Your Traffic 

Congrats for your successful online clothing store. 


I hope that this 5-step guide helps you to start your online clothing store.  

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