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The Ultimate Deal on Multi-Vendor Shopping Cart Software

Date : June 11 2019

In this modern digital world, customer can buy a product through online 24*7 through an ecommerce website. As such, ecommerce marketplace like Amazon and eBay has the power to attract online shoppers whereas multiple sellers sell their product and services on a common storefront.

But what does it take to build such an ecommerce store? In this article, let's see how choosing the perfect multi-vendor shopping cart software like Purchase Commerce plays an ultimate deal on deciding the success of your online marketplace.

What is a Multi-Vendor Shopping Cart Software?

Multi-vendor shopping cart software is a platform for building an online marketplace. You are the admin (store owners), so you can invite multiple vendors, allow them to sell their product on your marketplace and earn a commission from them.

Purchase Commerce renders multi-vendor shopping cart solution with the most flexible vendor business model. Its' platform is available for one-time purchase with lifetime license subscription. It enables you as a store owner to stay on top of everything in your marketplace with an effective Admin dashboard.

Moreover, it allows having vendor dashboards for each of your vendors to manage their own mini store. The vendors can manage their products, carry out order processing, shipping, returns & payouts independently.

Multiple Vendor Shopping Cart Solutions

Here is a list of 15 must-have features for an online marketplace that is available in Purchase Commerce's multi-vendor shopping cart software:

  • Vendor Dashboard
  • Admin Dashboard
  • Multiple Product Type
  • Multiple Themes
  • Order Management
  • Single Page Checkout for multiple vendor products
  • Multiple warehouse shipping calculations
  • Each vendor has a separate admin panel
  • Each vendor can manage order processing for their products
  • Commission/Profit margin feature for the store owner (Platform Owner)
  • Vendor Account Management
  • Payment processing & Payouts
  • Specific shipment settings
  • Monitoring & reporting

Different ways to use Multi-Vendor Shopping Cart

“Multi-vendor shopping cart” is used to build ecommerce solutions. The best example of the multi-vendor marketplace is Amazon, eBay, Flipkart, Paytm &, etc., where multiple vendor store owners can add and sell their product online and the admin takes commission from them to promote and grow the marketplace business.

8 Reasons to Choose Multi-Vendor

  • A multi-vendor marketplace owner can earn a commission from the vendor for each and every product sale.
  • Compatible with a different kind of products
  • Support multiple payments gateways integration
  • Secured & flexible admin panel
  • 100% responsive design & user-friendly
  • Free installation & support
  • Advanced Report
  • Unlimited vendor

7 steps to launch your ecommerce website in 60 Minutes

If I tell you that you can launch your ecommerce website in 60 minutes, would you think I am crazy?

Well, it's possible. You can launch it quickly by opting for an established multi-vendor shopping cart software. Perhaps you can follow these seven steps to make it happen.

  • Identify a high potential product
  • Recommend a brand name
  • Choose the right multi-vendor shopping cart software
  • Find your fulfillment and shipping
  • Establish your revenue goal
  • Design marketing plan for your ecommerce website
  • Launch your ecommerce business

Launch your ecommerce business with the right software

At present, ecommerce business is all the rage. If you want to run any business, try to enhance its online presence so that it reaches more targeted people and also it will improve the brand awareness. So, think twice and decide which is the best multi-vendor shopping cart software and the most beneficial for your ecommerce business.

  • Readymade ecommerce platform
  • Fits within your budget
  • Easy customization
  • Launch your ecommerce platform instantly without any trouble
  • Easy upgrade and maintenance

Purchase Commerce's multi-vendor shopping cart software allows you to create an ecommerce website. Our readymade ecommerce platform is a clone of Amazon, which has unlimited features to enhance the look and feel of your entire store, which in turn will improve your ROI.

Tips & Tricks on How to Build a Better Online Store

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