How to Sell Handicraft Products Online in 4 Simple Steps?
24 Mar

How to Sell Handicraft Products Online in 4 Simple Steps?

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In this digital era, every business venture intends to make profit via online platforms. Since the businesses revolve around the channels of ecommerce, many people are interested in shopping and selling handicrafts products online. This digital platform is a great opportunity to turn your business brand into a successful one. 

Handicrafts are similar to traditional products as these are made by hands without using machines and also made for certain purposeful activities. 

Benefits of Selling Handicraft Products Online: 

  • Since it is a low traffic niche, selling online will help you to reach more customers easily 

  • By selling handicrafts products, your creativity will be exposed to the world and your business will have a chance to become a brand 

  • No time limits in online shopping, so, you can get customers 24/7 

  • Various tools to measure your business performance 

If you are interested in selling handicrafts products online, then it is a good time to start and you can look into this guide to improve your business sales. 

Let’s start. 

How to Sell Handicrafts Products Online? 

The following four steps help you to sell your handicraft products to your customers: 

1. Select Ecommerce Software: 

Starting an online handicraft business is not a big deal when you do it in smart ways. To begin the business, first, you need an online platform like Amazon website to showcase your products to your customers. 

There are many ecommerce platforms available, from that, you have to select the ecommerce software with the following features: 

SEO friendly platform, so that you can rank more in search results 

Able to integrate your software with different analytics tools, so that you can measure the performance of your website 

A clear admin dashboard, so that you can analyze the products and stock details in your store 

Secured ecommerce software to protect your customer’s payment details and their personal card details. 

Quick Category feature, so that your customers will easily find their products 

A technology-based ecommerce software, so that your customer can get all the updated features of your ecommerce website 

Single-page Checkout Process, so that your customers feel easy to purchase in your store. 

These are the basic and necessary features that should be present in your ecommerce platform so that your website performance will increase. 

For instance, Purchase Commerce, a leading ecommerce software contains all the above-mentioned features. Also, it contains some other features like multi-lingual and multiple payment supports, social media log in, product comparison, and newsletter options to help you engage with your customers. 

Note: You can try a free live demo here to understand the working process of this ecommerce platform in-depth: Free Live Demo 

So, you have to choose the ecommerce platform that possesses these features. 

2.Choosing Wise Product Niche: 

Hurray! You have an ecommerce software on your own, so you are the admin of your ecommerce business and you can sell products to your customer directly. 

The second step is to choose the products that you are going to sell. You can sell your handicraft products or you can also sell your friend’s products by making a deal with them. 

Handicrafts products are familiar to people because these products are handy and made only with quality things. So, produce quality products to your customers. This is the only way to increase customer loyalty to your business. 

Handicraft product lists are: 

  • Paper Crafts 

  • Wooden Crafts 

  • Hand-made Jewellery or clothes 

  • Clay pots,  

  • Baskets, etc.,  

These products are handmade and used for decorating or some other useful activities. These lists contain many different products like weaving, etc. and are not limited to certain products. 

Since you have many products, you have to decide whether to sell one particular product (like pots only) or many products (like baskets, pots). But one thing to remember is that selling the products that you are interested in. Hence you can deliver quality products to the customers. If you want to know which products are in trend, then you can use the Google Trends website to know that. Choose your niche wisely and continue to the third step. 

3. Starting Selling Your Products: 

It’s time to build your store. Ecommerce themes play an important role here. Design is the first thing that attracts visitors to your store.  

In this case, you can use different ecommerce themes to make a wow looking handicraft store. Purchase Commerce provides you Angular ecommerce templates like Rigel, Aurora and different niche products. You can choose any one of these templates to design the appealing website. 

 Make a good look:  

Do the following to build a user-friendly store: 

  • You have to check and use the image and video with medium quality on the website. This will reduce the loading speed of your website.  

  • Arrange products in a category and enable search options.  

  • Check the checkout and payment process whether it is working properly or not. 

  • Use positive colors on the website to make the customers feel attracted and energetic with your store. 

  • The shipping process is the main part of your business. Select trustworthy persons to deliver the products to your customers on time. If you are sending products as a parcel, then make a quick arrangement for that to deliver the products on time. 

Hoorah! You are now an online entrepreneur and, in the way, you can improve your business sales. Explore a new and strong ecommerce marketing strategy and tactics to attract more users 

4 .Give Your Brand Presence on Social Media: 

Social media is the best platform to deliver your business process to your targeted customers in no amount of time.  

  • Pinterest: Pinterest is the best image platform to post your handicraft product images. Post clear and attractive pictures regularly on Pinterest to increase customers. 

  • Instagram: Instagram is the popular platform above Pinterest where you can get the required amount of traffic to your business. Captions are important here. Add a good sentence about that picture and your business with a link to your online store to purchase those products. 

  • Facebook: Facebook is the best interactive platform to get connected with your audience. Use Facebook groups to expose your business products to the wider community and get an increase in your product sales. 

Don’t limit here, with increased social networking technologies you can explore much more ecommerce marketing channels to reach your potential users. 

To know these social media tips in detail, learn here: How to sell online? This guide will help you to know how to sell on different media to enhance the amount of sales. 

  • SEO:  Search Engine Optimization is an essential part to improve your website performance. Keywords (search terms) are one of the ways that your customers use to reach your ecommerce store. Hence you have to optimize your website content and description based on your niche keywords. 

  • Create Articles or Videos: To increase your sales, you can also add articles or videos related to your handicraft products. So different people will reach your ecommerce website. 

  • Analytics Tools: You have to use Google Analytics or some other online tools weekly to measure the website behavior. And you have to make the changes based on the feedback from the Analytics tools and your customers. 

Therefore, use smart strategies to increase your presence online and build your brand online. Follow this how to sell handicrafts online guide to make profits. 

Final Words: 

These 4 simple steps will help you to start your online handicraft business in a successful way. Starting ecommerce store is not any more a difficult process for you with increased advanced technological solutions. 

As said above, you can buy the ecommerce software at Purchase Commerce with a free lifetime subscription. This platform has customized price ranges with colorful themes, and you can purchase the platform based on your budget. 

Purchase Commerce also provides a SaaS ecommerce model, which is available at a low cost as 2800 INR per month. So, choose the platform wisely and start your business now. Let’s connect to start your online handicraft business together.