Top 25 Payment Processing Companies [2020 Updated]
28 Feb

Top 25 Payment Processing Companies [2020 Updated]

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As a lot of businesses are turning into digital, there are many payment processing companies are found online and online transactions are carried securely from all over the regions. All the startups, small businesses, and large-scale businesses are using digital transaction methods (i.e.,) payment processing ways to get payment from their customers.  

Specifically, the ecommerce business plays a major role here. Whenever the customers buy online and initiate the online payment, the payment processing starts here. Before jumping into this process, you have to keep in mind, that, for a successful ecommerce business, two things are to be focused correctly. 

  • At first, choose the best ecommerce software like Purchase Commerce to build your online store. 

  • Next, for the payment process, you have to choose the best companies to integrate your ecommerce platform with the payment processors to receive payments from the customer. 

Payment Processor: 

A payment processor is a company picked by the merchant (or entrepreneur) to manage their online transactions with the customers. It includes a tool called payment gateway and these payment processors and gateways together control the safest transaction between the merchant and client account. It has front-end and back-end processes and we will discuss it now. 

Front-end process: 

In front-end, the payment processing companies will give interactive UI/UX design to the client through their payment application. The client will use his/her credit or debit card to make the payment. The payment will be processed and the required outcome is given to the customer. This is what happens in the front-end process and is looking simply. 

Back-end Process: 

This is the place where the major process is carried out.  

  • When the customers stop at your ecommerce store and decide to buy products, then they will be redirected to the payment process. If the customer does the offline payment process, it is fine. But if they choose online payment mode, the huge payment processor steps are started. 

  • The customer will make the payment through his credit card or debit card via the tool, (i.e.,) payment gateways. The payment gateways securely transfer this client transaction information to the payment processor. 

  • The payment processor will analyze whether the customer is eligible to make the payment and acts as a bridge between the merchant’s bank account and client payment account. 

  • Once the client’s payment details are found eligible, this response is transferred to the payment gateway to accept the client’s amount.  

  • Finally, the payment processor via the tool, payment gateway, credits the merchant’s bank account with the client’s payment.  

  • Thus, as a whole, the payment processor is working along with the payment gateway to complete the payment process; the payment processor will receive a commission fee during each successful transaction between the merchant bank account and client’s account. (i.e.,) the merchant account has to pay some amount to integrate that payment processing company with their business. 

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Now, choosing the perfect payment processors for your business is to be focused, because if you choose the wrong one, then both you and your customers will be suffered. From a lot of resources available for online transactions, which company do you choose for your payment process? Here, we will discuss the best payment processing companies. 

Top 25 Payment Processing Companies: 

You can choose the best one from these payment processing companies list, that is suitable for your business. Let’s start. 

1. PayPal: 

Founded Year: 2008 by Elon Musk and his team 

Headquarters: California, United States 

Global Users: 305 million active accounts at the end of 2019. 

PayPal is one of the famous payment processing companies suitable for all sized online businesses. If you integrate PayPal to your business, then it will benefit your customers a lot. You, the seller can get customers’ payment only with their PayPal account number without getting their personal credit/debit card details. Thus, the customer will be happy with this easy payment process and you can have a chance of gaining customer retention. 

2. Stripe: 

Founded Year: 2009 by Patrick Collison and John Collison 

Headquarters: California, United States 

Supported Countries: Currently 31 countries like United States, Australia, etc., are supported by Stripe with 24 currencies. 

Next to PayPal, Stripe is also a leading payment processing company for online businesses. With Stripe, you can develop your payment API for your business. It is a little tough UI for non-technical customers but it is not very difficult. The advantage in Stripe is, the clients are not redirected to another site while the payment process and allows them to stay on the same page. Stripe is well suitable for the credit card processing system. 

3. Amazon Pay: 

Founded Year: 2007 by the Amazon team 

Headquarters: Washington, United States 

Global Users: 33 million  

Amazon launched this Amazon Pay, the online payment processing system. Since Amazon is a popular ecommerce business brand, Amazon users are also get attached to this Amazon Pay system. Not only for the online payments, but a lot of other works like mobile recharges, bill payments are completed with this payment processing system. Hence, you can use this option as this payment system has huge traffic. 

4. Google Pay:  

Founded Year: 2015 by Google 

Headquarters: California, United States 

Global Users: 55 million monthly active users 

In 2015, Google merges two separate services like Android Pay and Google Wallet into one brand as Google Pay. In present, Google Pay has a huge number of traffic and helps customers to complete a fast and secure payment transaction. Google Pay is popular due to its easy-to-use interface which is easy for all customers. The merchant can receive the payment from the clients just with their registered phone numbers.  

5. Apple Pay: 

Founded Year: 2014 by Apple  

Headquarters: United States 

Global Users: 382 million users 

Launched in the US, Apple Pay is also spreading in different countries with its excellent payment processing features. Similar to Google Pay and Amazon Pay, Apple Pay has a trusted community. Apple is a popular brand all around the world due to its security features. Likewise, Apple Pay is also gained traffic with its security feature in payment processing systems.  

6. Due: 

Founded Year: 2015 by John Rampton 

Headquarters: California, United States 

Employees: 11-50 

Due is a growing payment processor company with the motto of providing the easiest online payment process to the people. It is mainly focused on customer service and security. If offers various services like eChecks, ACH Payments, digital wallets, etc., which makes its clients use for an easy online transaction. It is completely a free platform for the sign-up process and supports both credit and debit cards. 

7. Checkout: 

Founded Year: 2012 by Guillaume Pousaz 

Headquarters: London 

Employees: 500+ in 10 countries 

With 10 branches worldwide, Checkout is landing its payment processing system in different regions. Checkout is integrated with 100+ shopping carts and has pre-integrated merchant accounts and payment gateways. It provides one integration that accepts multiple payment channels from the customers. It also supports 150 currencies.  

8. Bit Pay: 

Founded Year: 2011 by Tony Gallippi and Stephen Pair 

Headquarters: Arlington, Virginia 

Bitcoin Transaction: 200k per month 

Bitcoin is a popular term where the cryptocurrencies, a digital asset are transferring into the Bitcoin network. If you are handling Bitcoin-related investment, then Bit Pay is the safest payment processing system for you. It always provides high security to a Bitcoin wallet. As a Bit coin user, you can use your BitPay visa and prepaid debit cards for transactions. 

9. GoCardless: 

Founded Year: 2011 

Headquarters: United Kingdom 

GoCardless as the name sounds help the clients with online payment processing systems without the use of cards. It is appreciated as the best debit provider. Not only for the easy payment processing setup but also GoCardless helps in tracking the payment transaction process. For the merchant, GoCardless is found cheaper than PayPal to integrate it with their business. 

10. Square: 

Founded by:  Jack Dorsey and Jim McKelvey 

Headquarters: California, United States 

Landing in different countries like London, United States, Canada, Japan, etc., Square is expanding its payment processing systems to reach more customers. Square reached over 2 million businesses with its features from Payment to the Payroll process. For all industry businesses, Square provides perfect solutions and also offers customer-friendly products like chip reader, to make the payment process easy and comfortable. 

11. Flagship Merchant Services: 

Founded in:  2001 

Headquarters: San Franciso, US 

Company: Private based company with 11-50 employees 

Residing in Albama, Flagship has attained its record of providing breaking products and services to the merchants. Suitable for small and medium-sized businesses, Flagship maintains its promises by offering quality payment services to the merchants. As the brand sounds, Flagship Merchant Services is one of the good choices for payment process integration. 

12. Adyen 

Launched in:  2006 by Pieter van der Does and Arnout Schuijff 

Location: In 21 places like Amsterdam, Berlin, London, Hong Kong, etc., 

Adyen is a global payment processing system suitable for online businesses that are running globally. Adyen has achieved success by its step-by-step growth and provides a user-friendly payment platform that offers people to transfer and receive the amount. 

13. Tsys: 

Founded in:  1967 

Headquarters: Georgia 

Tsys is also a payment provider serving globally with its innovative software services. Around 80 countries are using this Tsys payment processing system and it has its tagline as People-Centered Payments. It offers innovative solutions to its clients and merchants. 

14. Payline Data: 

Founded in:  2011 

Headquarters: Chicago 

Payline Data is offering services to merchants like credit card payment processing, debit card, payment gateway with payment facilitation, etc., Now the only drawback of this system is, it is providing its payment processing services only inside US location. If you are outside the US, you can try another option. 

15. Beacon Payments: 

Location: Boston 

Founded in: 2008 

Employees: 51-200 

Beacon Payments is offering various merchant solutions like credit card processing, credit card terminals, check the processing, point of sale, mobile payments, etc., It is also helpful for all size businesses as it provides user-friendly mobile wallet payments process. 

16. Blue Pay: 

Founded in: 2003 by John Rante 

Headquarters: Naperville, Illinois 

Blue Pay is a useful payment processing company for merchants especially in the United States and Canada. It offers payment services for business-to-business (B2B) and Business-to-Consumer (B2C) business models. Blue Pay is an omnichannel payment processing service provider. 

17. Card Connect: 

Founded in:  2006 by Brian Shanahan 

Headquarters: King of Prussia, PA 

Card Connect is a first data company that helps businesses to maintain multiple bank accounts into a simple platform. They are helpful for credit card processing, Payment gateway, Payment integration, etc., Another thing is Fiserv is a global financial technology service provider and both Blue Pay and Card Connect are serving under this Fiserv. 

18. Samsung Pay 

Released in:  2015 by Samsung Electronics 

Location: South Korea 

Global users: 10 million active users 

Samsung is an electronic multinational conglomerate headquartered in South Korea. Being popular in India as Samsung India brand, it is having the Indian headquarters at Haryana. As Samsung is already created the brand with its various electronics and home appliances products, it is also introduced the safest payment processing system as Samsung Pay. Samsung Pay is completely a mobile payment service that accepts both credit cards and debit cards. 

19. Chase Paymentech 

Founded in:  2005 by Jamie Dimon 

Headquarters: New York 

JP Morgan Chase and Co. is a popular and multinational financial service and investment company. Chase Paymentech is an acquiring business company of JP Morgan. In this case, Chase Paymentech owns its clients with its quality payment processing systems as it is one of the biggest brands in the online industry.  It offers international payment processing services and POS (Point of Sale) solutions.  

20. Circle 

Founded in:  2013 

Headquarters: Boston 

Similar to Square, Circle is also on the path of payment processing service providers and allows its client to send the amount via mail or by text to the particular bank account. Supported both in Android and iOS devices, it is one of the better options to use for the payment process. 

21. Clover 

Founded in:  2012 by Leonard Speiser and John Beatty 

Headquarters: Sunnyvale, CA 

Clover is a customized POS platform that offers services like POS solutions, payment processing platforms, and marketing tools for online stores. It helps its clients to build their online stores in addition to providing payment processing services. 

22. Dwolla 

Founded in:  2008 

Headquarters: Des Moines, Iowa 

With a simple theme of easy payments, Dwolla is developed the payment processing platforms that allow its clients to transfer the money safely. It is a friendly platform that integrates merchant bank accounts easily for the business payment process. 

23. Braintree 

Launched in:  2007 by Bryan Johnson 

Headquarters: Chicago 

Parent Organization: PayPal 

Braintree is one of the most popular payment processing companies to integrate your business. In 2013, PayPal acquired Braintree and now it is serving under the PayPal service. Since PayPal is having many features, you can also merge with Braintree to experience the same payment-based services. Also the Braintree has a large number of merchant account till now and proving its growth to new merchants. 

24. Alipay: 

Founded Year: 2004 by Jack Ma and his Alibaba team 

Headquarters: Pudong, China 

 If you are an online entrepreneur or online shopper, then you may definitely hear about Alibaba, the best multinational technology company in ecommerce, retail, etc., Jack Ma, the founder of Alibaba also introduced this Alipay to provide the safest payment processing for his clients. Like Amazon Pay, Google Pay, Alipay is also a digital wallet with various amazing features to explore.  

25. Razor Pay: 

Founded in: 2014 by Harshil Mathur and Shashank Kumar 

Headquarters: Bangalore, Karnataka 

Company: Privately-held with 51-200 employees 

Razor Pay is the budding payment processing company in India with a medium and organic customer community. Razor Pay supports all payment channels like debit cards, credit cards, and it is the only mobile wallet in India that allows business to accept payment through product suite. So, with no doubt, if you are running a business inside India, Razor Pay will be the best choice for you. 

All this payment gateway stands out with its secured payment services and efficient services.   

You need to take into account your business nature and functionalities provided by the payment gateway providers when it comes to the chosen one payment gateway for your business needs.  

And if you're running a business successfully and looking forward to the integrating payment gateway of your chose you can look at blog A payment gateway Integration Guide to know completely about the integration process. 


I hope, one of these 25 payment processing companies will help you to maintain your online transaction faster and secure with your customers.  

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