How to Sell Jewelry Online: 7 Steps to Start Your Online Jewelry Store
27 Mar

How to Sell Jewelry Online: 7 Steps to Start Your Online Jewelry Store

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As the world is revolving around the internet and digital transformation, the ecommerce market is growing fast. Peoples are encouraged to invest in this multi-billion-dollar industry. It doesn’t matter what you sell may. You want to sell your unique own product or want to set up a low maintenance drop shipping business for trendy jewelry. 

Buying and selling jewelry online is big business and can be hugely profitable. 

If you want to start a brand new grow an online business, you may have thought about how to sell jewelry online. Here are some guidelines on how to start and sell your Jewelry online. 

1. Identify the Type of Jewelry You Sell 

Have you ever heard about types of jewelry? Yes, there are many classification and divisions in jewelry. 

You can sell any type of jewelry and convert online sales. Better take your own time to identify and define what type of jewelry you want to sell online.  

It will give you a clearer understanding of your customer base, and save you time and energy in the long run. Let’s see each and every category in detail: 

Dainty Jewelry 

With an experienced craftsmanship, some Jewelry is incorporated with high-quality metals and precious stones like diamonds and sapphires. 

Every single piece of design is finally grafted and designed uniquely with the high quality of materials over unique craftsmanship. 

But you need to invest high on the expensive items, but higher returns when you make a sale. 

Handmade Unique Jewelry 

If you are in love with the handcrafted item then definitely you must know about this jewelry also exist. 

Because handmade jewelry will show the skill of the jeweler along with their artistic style. 

Some famous materials like semiprecious stones and more unusual materials are used frequently in creating unique pieces. Usually because of its one-of-a-kind quality customers are drawn to this jewelry. It makes the customer feel truly special, without having to splurge on fine jewelry. 

Costume Based Jewelry 

One of the jewelries made from inexpensive materials. Even though they are inexpensive is often fun, on-trend and mass-produced jewelry that attracts more customers. 

It is most affordable to consumers to make it there's, but in the meantime, you will have to sell a lot of pieces to turn a considerable profit. 

Vintage Jewelry 

Everyone will have a slight crush on the Vintage Jewelry because it is rare to be in the market and also for a short time. So, both vintage and estate jewelry have become increasingly popular in the online store and the right choice for ecommerce starters.  

For can customers always vintage jewelry will give the feel of buying something fairly unique, and something with history. 

2. Find Your Jewelry Niche 

Whoever Men or women or old or young loves jewelry either as an assert of fashion or as beauty. Find a nice one of their choice is difficult in the pool of various fashion trends. Largely different people appreciate varies type of jewelry. 

It is your need to find the niche of people who like what type of jewelry that you may be going to sell to your target audience. Only this will help you to separate your target customer from other people and think about who your ideal is suitable. 

Everyone won't have the same choice of jewelry because Men's and women's looks and perspectives about jewelry are different. Based on the Age the likes may differ. For example, older customers are increasingly less likely to buy fashion jewelry for a one-time occasion unless it’s as a gift.  

Some people are creeped out by the idea of secondhand jewelry, while other cherish vintage treasures.  

If you choose Dainty Jewelry, then most people can’t afford it. But for Dainty Jewelry if you have selected anything less than diamonds looks cheap. 

If you are aiming to Certain cultures then go with traditional jewelry styles, and understand the culture will help you to better understand where the jewelry you are selling fits.  

Make an extreme study about motifs and traditions associated with the jewelry you want to sell in better than tell its story.  

 3. Craft your Store Brand with Unique Jewelry 

For any online business Brand development and marketing is an overwhelming process to do if you are not specialized in it. It is simpler than you might think of how to build a brand for the online jewelry business. 

Once if you have finished your thinking about the type of jewelry and your niche, the next very thing you need to do is telling your target customers a story about your brand.  

Start with some simple that communicates that can make the customer think about why you started this business, and what makes your jewelry special. 

Invest in attractive content strategy and on-brand packaging if you are looking to ship out your products worldwide. If you have some discount code or even attractive thank note can bring the customer for their next purchase on your store and encourage more transactions. 

Make sure you use a lite tone that to consistently over a period when you communicating with your audience. 

For a while, if you are into Drop shipping the trendy fashion jewelry: then make your tone as more playful, silly and on-trend.  

Some people are crazy about history or story, who’s excited to know historical and stylistic details of the pieces you’re selling. So, explain them your process and jewelry pieces history. 

Better to Stay true to voice about your jewelry whether you’re dealing with customers one-on-one, or as a group. 

Sometimes you may think why branding is important to your online business. If you have done then you are not going to visible to anyone. 

4. Prepare Your Initial Overhead Cost 

Once you determined the jewelry business, you already know that the cost of materials adds up quickly little high.  

Also, you need to invest in more high-end metals and stones, this cost increases the production. 

Put a note and analyze the total cost of the raw materials of each piece you create. Then, factorize in the short time the cost that will take you to create it. 

Sometimes the cost of products will alternate, keeping track of cost and other expenses continuously. Alway you must figure out your average total overhead, along with this you need to determine the minimum retail prices for your products that rea crafted. 

For example, you’re bluffing on the of vintage jewelry. You need to find bargaining and bundling items and know exactly what you spent to acquire each piece.  

It should also include the cost of admission to certain markets and vintage shows, as well as transportation costs.  

Calculate the time that you are spending on the hunting, and researching an art deco style is true to the period, or a reproduction overtime to make you believe it is vintage jewelry. 

On another hand, if you choose to be a drop shipping the jewelry online, you needed to face only a little overhead over time. It is due to you are going to sell at retail price and paying a pre-established wholesale price, with no need to invest in inventory 

In online you need to sell in person on virtual, rather than in person, so it will definitely add additional expenses cost. 

5. Invest in Your Custom Online Jewelry Business 

One simple way to sell jewelry online is placing your product on well know online marketplace. It is a great platform to earn a solid profit in the short term. But when you think as long-term business and making it's as one option to earn money then the online marketplace won't suitable for all your business needs.  

However, it is the best way of earning and making you brand recognized. 

So, consider creating an online store instead.  

You need to put a little extra effort into directing customer traffic to a beautiful store. But, in your online store, you are allowed to do anything from using beautiful product images to well-written product descriptions to convert customers or to use your own payment and shipment method. 

You need not be an expert in programming for this, there are numerous ecommerce builder is out there. 

Simply choose an ecommerce platform that provides professional templates and themes which suit your jewelry and your taste.  

It also possible for you to customize your store’s appearance on yourself, without any developer or graphic designer.  

Sometimes you can get an attractive jewelry template with that you can directly star sell your jewelry online. 

Consider working with a skilled photographer because when tackling how to sell jewelry online, images play an important role in determining your quality. Sometimes finding the photographer may be expensive and also find someone within your budget is difficult. 

It is also possible for you in short cost if you're great at taking photos, and either own or can borrow a high-end camera, give it a try on your photographing skill.  

But, make sure you have high-quality images that capture the details and colors of your work in a beautiful way. It will add confidence to your customers to buy your jewelry and make all the difference in converting transactions. 

One last thing that you need to take into account if you have your own online store is the cost of packaging materials. You can go no-frills, or choose to upgrade to packaging that will appeal to your niche and complement your brand.  

This may seem secondary when your main focus is on how to sell jewelry online successfully, but presentation matters when you want to make good impressions with your customers. 

One important factor you must concentrate on is selecting the best ecommerce platform.  

Also read this: Some technical aspects that you must know about the ecommerce platform before moving into a well-developed ecommerce store. 

6. Establish your Brand Over Social Media 

In recent times, Social media is booming in this digital world. And you know there are 3.8 billion social media users around the world which makes one of the easiest ways of reaching your core customers. 

It is unfaith if you are not aware of social media marketing. There are numerous benefit social media marketing for your business if you have used in the right way. 

You can easily secure your space within your niche and reaching out to your potential customer base. though effective social media marketing

Some may think just need to put a bunch of finished products up on social media when figuring out how to sell jewelry online successfully. 

It is not that actually and it's more complex than that, on the other hand, easier to execute. 

Don't shy away from shots about your piece of jewelry that you personally make. Posting high-quality photos of every stage of development of jewelry can bring confidence in your brand. 

From initial development to Matelic work make a wide view of your product in detail for your customers. 

With rich visual content, you have provided will highlight the hard work that goes into each piece. It definitely is one of a fine way to create curiosity and excitement among your audience. 

Sharing photos from your product hunts at estate sales for your vintage jewelry, will be the best post to attract the core customers. 

Your picture is worth a thousand words, and make the customer happy. So, your photo must like that has to be worth a dozen five-star reviews. 

You can also contact influencers in the social media who are directly related to your work, to engage your target customers. Sometimes Joining hands with fellow jewelry sellers or fashion designers to promote one another’s work on social media will increase your brand visibility.  

Always post with relevant hashtags surrounding your niche more. Get feedback on what they want for your customers and network connections. 

It is simple to build a network of potential customers who are authentically engaged with your brand.  

7.Increase Jewelry Sales with Right Marketing Strategies 

Look at your business from an analytical perspective to master how to sell jewelry online. Some of the processes may fly off the shelves, while others simply don’t sell. 

Frequently examine where you have the most sales and higher profit margins if you are new to the online jewelry business.  

Make use of your customers and social media network to let you know which pieces are most appealing. Ask for feedback and go depth inside how to sell jewelry online successfully. 

Adjust your offerings to meet the demands of your customer base. Draft a best ecommerce marketing strategy to reach out core customers. 

Consider offering pieces that have a similar style, but varying levels of detail and material costs.  

This way, a customer who loves a specific style may be able to purchase an item that is otherwise cost-prohibitive.  

At the same time, if a certain style is performing really well, you may want to consider offering a higher-end version of the piece. 

If you make jewelry yourself, be open to collaborating with your customers and accepting custom orders.  

That needs excellent communication and creative flexibility, but the payoff is that you are more likely to receive a great review.  


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