How to Sell Paintings Online? Ultimate Guide to Sell Your Paintings
16 Apr

How to Sell Paintings Online? Ultimate Guide to Sell Your Paintings

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Are you good at paintings? Then you have to read this article to spread your talent worldwide. The ecommerce website is the best platform that helps you to bring your painting talent to be exhibited to many people around different regions of the world.  

Starting an ecommerce website and selling your paintings online is a good choice for this.  

How to sell paintings online? 

Follow this guide to know how to sell paintings online in simple ways. There are many ways to sell online, but starting own ecommerce website benefits you in many ways: 

Advantages of starting an ecommerce website: 

  • You are the admin of your store and you can easily sell whatever products you want 

  • Since the store is online, you can get customers 24/7/365 without time restrictions. 

  • If you sell your paintings on another ecommerce platform like Amazon, you have to pay a commission fee for renting the space in their online platform. But at the same time, starting an own ecommerce website, makes you the boss for your business 

  • As an online store, you can get customers in various parts of the world. 

Thus, you can get a lot of benefits by starting an online paintings store. 

Let’s have a glance at / leaf through the selling guide. 

How to Sell Paintings Online?

1. Decide the Type of Paintings: 

In which type of paintings are you skilled? You have to identify the types of paintings you are interested in viz. paintings like oil painting, acrylic painting, digital painting, spray painting, etc. You can choose one, two or even more if you are attached to that painting type. 

Once the type is found, you have to create more paintings based on people’s desires and make it appeal and attractive. 

This is the first step to find the niche in which you are going to sell. 

2. Buy Ecommerce Platform: 

To display your paintings, you have to create an ecommerce website, that should enhance your hard work. So, buy the best ecommerce platform that suits to your aesthetic appetite. As a painting website, the following features are mandatory in your ecommerce software: 

Admin Dashboard: 

The admin dashboard is the place where you maintain all of your website performance and sales that should be customized in your platform. 

Multiple Language and Currency: 

As reiterated, your paintings are viewed in different regions providing information on the artistic material through multiple language and multi-currency features that help your customers to easily understand the description /content in their languages besides making the payment process quite easy. 

Unlimited Product Categories: 

You have two options for selling in the store. One is selling your paintings and other is selling your friends’ or some other paintings in your store by making a deal with the master of those paintings.  

So, you can sell many products in your store. Hence, providing unlimited product categories on the website helps your customers to find the required painting model quickly. 

Social Media Support: 

Ecommerce business also needs social media support to increase your traffic. So, check whether your ecommerce software offers this feature. 


The gallery is the most essential feature in your ecommerce platform. The gallery is the album where you can showcase all of your paintings. Hence gallery is important. 

3. Create Your Brand: 

Branded products are making more exposure than non-branded items. For instance, Amazon, Etsy are some of the popular brand names. Likewise, you have to choose your brand name that matches your website domain name. The things to remember while choosing the name are: 

  • Brand name should be short with less than 12 characters. 

  • It should be pronounced effortlessly and should not be unpronounceable. 

  • It should be simple and attractive  

Choose the descriptive name that should remember your brand and business. 

By providing high-quality painting items and offering full customer support, customer loyalty will increase which will be the main focus for creating your brand. 

4. Build the Store: 

After fixing the brand name and purchasing ecommerce software, it’s time to build your dream store. You have to refer the checklists for building the store: 

  • Providing the product category 

  • Arranging products with appropriate categories 

  • Displaying name of paintings and the full description like the painting model, cost and other features, etc., 

  • Social media buttons to share your website page 

  • User-friendly website design is the main thing to be focused on while creating an interactive ecommerce store. 

  • Exhibiting the whole gamut of models in the Gallery  

  • Single check-out page to purchase your paintings. 

  • A quick payment process with multiple payment options. Know the various payment processing options here: Top 25 Payment Processing Companies

  • The shipping process is the careful process to be followed. Hire trusted delivery persons to deliver your paintings carefully to the customers on time. 

These are the things that should be checked after building your online store. 

5. Make Your Presence: 

Hurrah! You now own an online paintings store to sell your paintings and make some profits. 

After developing the website, you have to make your presence known to your preferred customers. Social media is the best way to reach your targeted customers. 

Facebook: The most popular medium where you can create Paintings groups to share the details of your paintings. 

Instagram and Pinterest: Instagram and Pinterest are the two image-sharing platforms where you can post different forms of your paintings so that you can get some customers. 

Twitter: Twitter is also a link sharing medium to share your web page links that contain different painting models. 

Others: If you are having followers on some other platforms like LinkedIn, Reddit, etc., you can use that platform to share your painting website details. 

The main thing to be considered in this process is to display the aesthetic designs of paintings consistently to appeal the customers in these social platforms. 

Another tip is, offer your painting at an affordable price. As a beginner, fixing high price plans will decrease visitors. So, provide customized price plans so that every customer can buy your products. 

6. Expose Your Talent: 

To get more traffic to your ecommerce website, you can produce different interactive content. For instances, follow these steps: 

Create Colorful Videos: There are some channels like YouTube, Vimeo, etc., where you can upload videos to access the attention of the visitors to your store. You can upload videos like the painting process or some other details regarding your website. 

Write Blogs: Articles are still read by many people, so you can create readable content that should tell your online website and talk about your business. 

By producing content like these, you can get more traffic to your online store. Now you can get more sales. 

Don’t waste your talent just by painting in your notebook. Start exploring your skills with many and turn your talent into your business verticals. 


Are you ready to start selling your paintings? Purchase Commerce is the best ecommerce platform for you as it contains all the above-mentioned features. This platform is available at a one-time payment with a free subscription model. Therefore, it is cost-effective and also suits your budget. 

So, buy your ecommerce platform and make it successful. Let’s chat and turn your hobby into a real-time business venture.